Welcome To The World, Baby Boy!

Dear Family,

Late in the evening on his Uncle Jake’s birthday (October 7), Kai Terran Amaral joined his family in a celebratory and slightly riotous homebirth that his Mama is profoundly grateful is Over.

Smoke, Fire, and our Small-Enormous Cross-Country Move

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest fear is fear of the unknown”
— H.P. Lovecraft

“It was a pleasure to encounter so much diverting hardship.”
— Ann Patchett

“If we don’t change direction soon, we’ll end up where we’re going.”
— Irwin Corey

“No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow.”
— Alice Walker


Bedtime complaints:

Eliza: I don’t want rest! I don’t NEED rest!
Ivy: I don’t like rest too. But you’ll die without it!



Black Lives Matter, The Failure of Feminism, and Dinner as Usual

“In all things purely social we can be as separate as the five fingers, and yet one as the hand in all things essential to mutual progress.”
—W. E. B. Du Bois

Dear Family,

Mom noted today that I’m not doing anyone any favors by spewing anger concerning the COVID lockdowns. She said it more nicely than that, but I kinda got her drift. Love is better than hate and Little Pitchers Have Big Ears and all that.

Please Forgive the Insanity! Maybe?

“Forgiveness. The ability to forgive oneself. Stop here for a few breaths and think about this because it is the key to making art, and very possibly the key to finding any semblance of happiness in life.”

End of Spring Family Time

“Kindness eases change.
Love quiets fear.”
—Octavia E. Butler

“Wars of nations are fought to change maps. But wars of poverty are fought to map change.”
—Muhammad Ali

“I don’t want to see stores looted or even buildings burn but African Americans have been living in a burning building for many years, choking on the smoke as the flames burn closer and closer. Racism in America is like dust in the air. It seems invisible - even if you’re choking on it - until you let the sun in. Then you see it’s everywhere.”
—Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (NBA Hall of Famer)

Skidding Through COVID 19

Dear Family,

Some COVID Thoughts This Week

Dear Family,

"The notion that we need the same type of economic system for all areas of life is ridiculous. For big things like cars, airplanes, computers, etc, capitalism is appropriate and works very well. For public services, education, utilities and (I believe) natural resources, a kind of socialism is the appropriate model. But for things like food, farming, clothing, low-tech manufacturing, etc, the best model is free enterprise (which is different from capitalism)."
—Sally Fallon


COVID, Our Food Supply, Vaccine Development, and those Gosh Darn Civil Liberties

Dear Family,

“If we’re essential, we need help, because we’re the people feeding the country.”

—Eugenia Gonzales
Farmworker in central California, risking the coronavirus to feed U.S. residents


In terms of a thoughtful and timeless analysis of the Pandemic Situation, Eisenstein’s essay continues to be the most complete and relevant https://charleseisenstein.org/essays/the-coronation/ .

Meanwhile, lots of other useful and fascinating perspectives:

COVID and the confusing nature of You and I

"In those years, people will say, we lost track

of the meaning of we, of you

we found ourselves

reduced to I"

—Adrienne Rich


Dear Family,

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