A Short Announcement

January 6, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,



I want to start writing a whole lot more. I want to get published. And I'd kinda like to find some paying work as a writer. I have no idea how to manifest that last part, but I'll work on it later; for now, I'm planning to branch out (in other words, to write about topics in addition to Gut Flora and Parenting).


...I'm taking REQUESTS! (This is scary.)

I invite you to send me Ideas, Stories, or Topics Upon Which You'd Like Me to Expound. My intention is to self-publish a weekly Short Article (for You! My Most Esteemed Mailing List), which you can read, comment upon, delete, or ignore, as you wish. You can send me your ideas as a single sentence ("The history of clavichords: discuss" or "tornado chasing--what is it like?"), as a word or two ("staplers" or "gun control"), or however you wish. I want to challenge myself, and it's generally difficult to write about things I haven't thought about before...

Thanks in advance, everybody! For the forthcoming ideas, and for being So Supportive. :)


P.S. If you have any ideas about the How To Make Money With Writing part, I'd love to hear these too!