About Sarabeth

Sarabeth writes weekly letters (her "blog"), wherein she chronicles the unschooling adventures of her little family, the politics of the personal, and as much humor as she can find in those things that annoy her most.

Sarabeth lives with her most excellent husband, Jeff, and their four children, Ben, Jem, Eliza, and Ivy, in upstate NY. Some of Sarabeth's many interests (most of which she will resume participation in once all children sleep soundly through the night): hosting dinner parties, traveling the world, camping and hiking, modern dancing, reading and writing, playing piano, discovering and listening to music by independent and wonderful artists, cooking and baking, doing pilates, writing, and wholistic health and nutrition.

Sarabeth is the oldest of 5 siblings who have always unschooled. Ben and Jem and Eliza and Ivy, like their mother, have been unschooling since birth.

(Incidentally, you may be one of those well-meaning folks who say, "Gosh, I thought that homeschoolers were socially stunted misfits who couldn't get into college and would never be gainfully employed except at McDonalds!" For the record: my younger sister gave the valedictory address when she graduated from Rutgers University in 2008; my brother graduated with honors from Columbia in 2009; and my two other brothers are both attending college with good results. And you never know--we'll probably start socializing any day now!)