January 13, 2013

Dear Family,

So it turns out that in the time I currently have available to me, I am not going to become a political scientist, or a molecular biologist, or an investigative reporter. I had this realization right about 3am on one of the blurring-together-nights this past week, during one of Eliza's super un-fun screaming wake-ups. She's in the midst of yet another apparent bout of especially bad reflux, which appears to be just one of the factors that cause her to refuse most of the food we offer her (and to sleep terribly at night).


Unwisely and unfortunately, I'd kinda neglected to factor in that Lack of Time when I planned to Write A Lot this week.

Which is why this Introduction to my upcoming Writing Series is very short.

And why you will have to wait, with baited breath (or is it bated??), until Next Time, when I will tell you all the interesting things I'm planning to learn about all sorts of topics that you all suggested.

Stay tuned! And please don't give up on me.