A Ditty for My Darling

September 27, 2011

He is cute, smart, and funny!
(Through ups AND through downs.)
We met on our bikes
Just before I left town.

I had NO idea that this man someday would be
My husband!! (The truth was, he made me...very giggly.)

Since then we have done
a whole lot of pedaling
On bicycles, first, but with the
universe meddling:

Our lives have gone over some huge bumps and dips...
But even when everything feels like it's tipped,

Jeff steadies and musters
the sweetest of grins,
And hopes for the best,
No matter who wins.

And though life throws us curveballs right out of the blue
Jeff inspires me hugely to see what is true.

Now, my news is quite clear:
It's Jeff's BIRTHDAY today!!
And I wish my rhymes said
What I want them to say:

"I love you so much, Jeff! (But I'd need to say, 'mitten'),
In order to rhyme it with how much I'm smitten...

...by YOU!!"

Happy Birthday, my sweetheart, who pedals up hills
Of all different kinds, although sometimes it kills.

Though you sometimes get sore,
I'm amazed by your grace--
I wish that, for your birthday,
You'd win every race.

But even if not, if the hills are too steep
I hope you will never stop taking a leap,

And loving your life
(Scraping life's marrow clean!)
(Well, you can't love our boys' whining--
But you know what I mean).

Since the first time that ever we rode up a hill
I have loved being here by your side--it's a thrill!

And now it is time for me not to keep rhyming,
Because soon I'll start mixing up all of my timing.

Thank your mama, from me:
I'm just so glad you're born!
Happy Birthday, my dear, darling spouse
on this morn.

Today's race: you've won!
'Cause you are forty-one.
(And that's an achievement without any pun.)


Happy Birthday, Jeff!

(with love from our small stokers, who slept cherubically so I could write to you)