Herb Broth

I recently adapted this recipe to make an unusual and very nutritious and gelatinous broth for our family. The original recipe pointed out that broth is really very similar to tea--so why not add some herbs to up the ante??

several gallons of filtered water
1 or 2 chicken carcasses
1/4 cup cider vinegar

Bring this to a boil, and them simmer gently for about twelve hours. Then add:

3 T. nettles
3 T. seaweed (not GAPS legal for intro)
2 T. calendula flowers
5 astragalus root slices
(the original recipe called for 5 long codenopsis root pieces, but I don't know where to find these)
1 medium burdock root, chopped (not GAPS legal, at least at the beginning of GAPS)
1 lg. maitake mushroom, AND/OR
10-20 shittake mushrooms (dried)
salt and pepper
cayenne to taste (optional)

Bring to a boil again, and let this simmer another 5-8 hours.

Strain, reserving the mushrooms to eat later (or with the broth), and season to taste.

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