"Frickin' Tasty" Creamy Vegetable Soup

That's what my boys said when I asked them how they liked this soup...

This recipe is an approximation of a process I often use to make soup: 1. Saute aromatics; 2. Add more veggies, and cook till very tender (it's fine if you only have one type of vegetable, like cauliflower - it will still taste delicious); 3. Add broth, and puree; 4. Add additional steamed, chopped veggies to taste. This makes a really delicious, texturally interesting, infinately variable soup.

This makes a big pot full, which is good so you can eat the leftovers for several lunches in a row.

1/2 cup of tasty fat (ghee, lard, duck fat if you're really lucky...)
2 large onions
1/2 large celeriac, coarsely chopped, or 3-4 stalks celery
6 cloves garlic, peeled (optional)
2 tsp. or so dried thyme, or maybe a little more
10 or so fresh sage leaves, or the equivalent dried
Salt and pepper to taste

5 large zucchinis or 8-10 small ones, chopped coarsely
1-2 quarts broth http://www.lifeisapalindrome.com/recipes/information-about-making-broth

1-2 quarts veggies (broccoli and cauliflower are great, and diced carrot is nice), chopped and well-cooked (steamed)

Saute the onion, celeriac, garlic, and herbs in fat until nicely aromatic and beginning to brown.

Add the zucchini, cover, and turn the heat down. Cook until the veggies are well done.

Add the broth and puree (immersion blender is by far the easiest), adding more or less broth as needed until the texture is pleasing to you. Stir in the chopped cooked veggies, heat gently if necessary, adjust the seasonings, and enjoy!