An Open Letter to EZ Pass NJ

September 14, 2022

September 14, 2022

To Whom it May Concern:

Over the past two months, I have received multiple threatening bills from EZ Pass NJ, with titles like “Advisory and payment request” and “Violation” “Violation” “Violation.” I have tried to call to resolve the matter, and to understand what the “violation” and “admin fees” pertain to, and after waiting on hold for upwards of 45 minutes on three occasions, my calls were answered by a terse operator who could not answer my questions, could not check what the problem was, and could not take payment even though she promised the “admin fees” could be removed.


Since phone calls seemed futile, I sent a check, thinking that perhaps paying the tolls (not the fees, because these are not warranted under the circumstances, and I have still not received an explanation of what they are for; therefore, I do not accept charges) would stop the Violation Notices. Still, the bills kept coming.


I wrote letters to EZ Pass NJ. This is my fourth one, and while all the letters remain unanswered, the “Violations” and “Advisories” continue to arrive threateningly in the mail.


Lately, whenever I call NJ EZ Pass, there is a simple recorded message: due to high call volume, we cannot answer the phone. Please try again later.


Well, I’m done trying. I have called, and I have written, and once again I enclose my most recent Violations and Enforcement. This is my official dispute statement: if you do not answer your phone, and will not respond to my repeated written correspondence, I will consider these bills paid in full until/unless I receive a satisfactory explanation for the charges (sans fees; I responded immediately to the first bill I received, and should not have ANY late fees tacked on anywhere). I have an EZ Pass account in good standing, I always pay legitimate bills, and I have had no contact with any of your representatives apart from useless sessions advising that I await written explanation apart from these unacceptable, threatening, and incoherent bills.


Please confirm receipt of this letter, and feel free to have an executive higher up the organizational ladder than “phone representative” contact me with an explanation. Apologies for my hassle, time on hold with no recourse, inability to talk with an actual person, inconvenience, and unjustified billing without response to my correspondence, will be accepted.




Sarabeth Matilsky