Covid Mandates: Forcing People to Not-Work in the Entertainment Industry

April 28, 2022

(Peaceful Rally Against Mandates TODAY, April 28 at 11 AM, at the screen actors guild in Los Angeles.)

Voices from the stage and screen:
Aimee Villella McBride, interviewer
Heather Berman - dancer and actor from NYC, SAG-AFTRA member
Peter Antico - film maker, executive, SAG-AFTRA member

SAG-AFTRA, The Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, is an American labor union representing approximately 160,000 film and television actors, journalists, radio personalities, recording artists, singers, voice actors, internet influencers, fashion models, and other media professionals worldwide.


Heather Berman: SAG-AFTRA put a return-to-work protocol together that includes, now, not only the injection but the booster, N95 masks, and testing that could be daily or could be weekly. And for those of us who have many reasons why we don’t want to be part of this experiment, we can’t work anymore. So we can’t get health insurance, we can’t build our pensions - many people have families, and we cannot work on our sets. And this is not just actors, it’s also everyone involved in making a film, so it’s stunts, hair and makeup, producers, writers, you name it: teamsters, craft services…we’re all under this umbrella and this mandate, that is of course unlawful.

Even nonunion workers are impacted, because it trickles down not just to film and TV, but also the theater, which is equity, and even kids who take dance classes! [If you don’t show vaccine papers], you still can’t even go into some of the dance studios in New York, and the dance teachers can’t teach. These mandates affect everybody. And our mayor in New York says that performing artists are “exempt” from this mandate, but: no, we’re not, because of the unions! It’s maybe some stars that have made some special deals with the producer, or a particular production, but what about the rest of the union members who are not stars, which is the majority?

Peter Antico: You aren’t allowed to discriminate on the basis of race, creed, sex, color, or medical disability, and the interesting part is that the Nuremberg code states that you cannot be coerced or forced to take an experimental drug without informed consent. And under the law, there can be no informed consent when coercion is present.

So what SAG-AFTRA did, in order to pass the buck, was to give the authority to our employers to decide what kind of protocols they wish to impose on performers.

And how this trickles down, is that if the people who have families, if they’re not working for six months, they lose in aggregate millions of dollars, they lose the opportunity to qualify for healthcare, and if they have children, they’re just shit out of luck. They can’t provide for their families… It’s a devastating financial burden to bear. And our national executive director, Duncan Crabtree, he’s the one who sends out these letters recommending people get a booster - or what he calls a “vaccination “…and what I don’t like is that they’re not being truthful. He should be stating that, “We’re pushing an experimental drug that has not been approved by the FDA, that comes with certain side effects, and they are: A, B, C, D, E, F, and G.” And the fact that we’re this late in the game where Pfizer JUST came out with their nine-page report, and for them not to recall [the vaccine]…is astonishing to me. I just don’t understand how they can let something stay on the market and say that it is safe and effective, with NINE PAGES of serious adverse side effects that if they [disclosed] before, they would never have been able to get it an EUA on it. Respectfully, it’s medical fraud, and I don’t understand how none of these people have been taken to task by the department of justice.

So if you remember, in 1994, they had a hearing in front of Congress in regards to the tobacco industry, and all the CEOs and medical professionals from big tobacco testified that nicotine was not harmful and not addictive. And the fact is, that in the medical journals at that time, their statements were supported. So it seems like once again, these regulators are captured, and these journals are bought, so how can a person even figure out what is truthful?

Another thing I would like to point out, is that it was reported that 20% of the Covid Infections in California came from the entertainment business, but what they refused to tell you is: 98% of those people infected have taken this experimental vaccination. So basically, by pushing these mandates you are approving a model where [you coerce people to take a drug that] certainly doesn’t stop infection nor keep someone immune or from being contagious. To prevent performers from working when it’s basically an equal playing field, and mandates don’t even recognize natural immunity, is absurd. And the bottom line is that I believe that SAG-AFTRA and Duncan Crabtree-Ireland who is the CEO, they should be taken to task legally for the damage that they’ve caused. Respectfully, Duncan is not a medical professional, and SAG-AFTRA is practicing medicine without a license, and they cannot advise you of anything. It is not their place to do so, and that place is between you and your doctor, whatever you decide based upon your own research.

A lot of my colleagues point out how it doesn’t make sense, the way you go into a restaurant you wear your mask for 30 seconds, and then everybody’s sitting at the table eating and drinking. Where you were going to liquor stores that were “essential” during the lockdowns, or how your mom-and-pop‘s hardware store was off-limits and very dangerous, yet all the big box stores could stay open - Home Depot and Walmart, and any big corporation, could do business with thousands of people running through there and that’s OK during a pandemic. But it’s unsafe for small businesses to have people working and stay open…?

It’s something that’s not discussed, because hundreds of thousands of small businesses were closed down with NO scientific basis whatsoever during the past two years, which was very damaging - and this is not reflected in the stock market, because 89% of the small businesses that employ 20 people or less are responsible for 97% of the net new jobs. So they basically took the middle class out of the job market.

So we’re not talking about those effects of Covid policies in the United States of America. It’s a very interesting scenario when hospitals and medical professionals seem to be handcuffed by the bureaucracy of Big Pharma, because whatever drug mandates or protocols they put in their hospitals are a function of the donation they give to hospitals. So then many of the surgeons and the doctors KNOW that some of these medications and these protocols may not be good for their patients, and a lot of them are handcuffed [by protocols that are] not for the good of humanity.

My cousin took a Pfizer booster, and four days later, he had a blood clot and aneurysm and he passed away. So who’s responsible for that? And if Pfizer knew [about these side effects earlier and didn’t disclose them], why aren’t they being arrested for premeditated murder? I really would like to know that, because if they knew about these nine pages of serious adverse events associated with their product, then anybody that died from taking it…who is responsible? There is no liability. How can there be mandates for something that has risk, without liability? Tell me that! If you buy a car, you have a warranty. If something goes wrong, you get it fixed. If you say something is safe and effective, Hey, I’ll buy it! But put a guarantee on that. I don’t think that to this day the NIH has paid a dime to help any of the people who are injured by vaccinations.

AVM: … Just a few weeks ago, at the beginning of April, was the FDA Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory committee meeting. These are the experts that are appointed by the FDA, and during public comments they had over a dozen people that were allowed to speak that shared their devastating stories, how they are completely out of work - they are maimed, harmed, life is just not as they knew it anymore - because they were so damaged from their Covid injections. And there was not one syllable - not one word of uttered response - from any of the FDA members as they heard these crushing and devastating stories, over and over and over. They just ignored them, and these people are not given any financial support, and their own doctors don’t even know how to treat them!

… I remember back in the winter, in New York City, no performers could perform and no theatergoers could attend without being vaccinated, without showing their papers. In New York City! And yet, what happened with the Rockettes? They ended up closing down the show anyway…

HB: … and who was getting sick? The people who took the injection! They were the only ones allowed in the theater!! Yet who are we blaming for this?  

I am injured from the tetanus vaccine. I have MS from it. It’s serious, and a lot of people are developing a lot of these neurological symptoms from the Covid vaccines that you see with other vaccines. Even though this isn’t technically a vaccine, and it’s got a whole lot of other things in it that we haven’t seen before. But other shots have caused a lot of neurological damage too.

And for us, we have Fran Dresher as our president of SAG-AFTRA, and she runs Cancer Schmancer, she is a survivor of cancer. She’s so knowledgeable about holistic health. And Fran knows! She’s even mentioned it, how she questions vaccines in general. So she is our president, and is allowing this on her membership!

And you know, a friend of mine just received a casting notice looking for a baby: three weeks to three months old. And they’re requiring the PCR test for the baby to work on the set. I mean, PLEASE! This is ridiculous! And we know that Fran knows, after all of the stuff she spoke about at her big Cancer Schmancer event in January! She even had a doctor friend explaining how the masks are harmful. And this is our president! This is hypocritical.

PA: I just saw Fran speak at The Press Club, and I have to say, it was one of the most moving and powerful speeches, about a call for humanity to wake up and honor your natural immunity and immune system - because [people need to talk] about taking vitamin D3 and zinc and vitamin E and vitamin C, and ANY of the protocols, including ivermectin - including 60-year-old efficacious drugs like Hydroxychloroquine, which I took when I had Covid along with Ivermectin, and it worked like a charm. Some doctors I know had recommended it a year and a half ago, and the reason they stated it wouldn’t be used at the time is because it’s repurposed and it costs pennies rather than a drug like Remdesivir that costs $700…because you know Big Pharma makes capital.

There has to be a point where humanity is honored above material wealth. And that’s what Fran was saying as well, and I’m in total alignment with that. As a species, if we don’t understand that humanity and the sanctity of human life is more important than a profit or a dollar bill, then we’ve certainly lost our way. So I think our whole system of existence needs to be redesigned to a new paradigm. And Fran was talking about these things with passion, and I stand behind what she was saying.

There’s a rally [today, April 28] at 11 AM at the screen actors guild in Los Angeles. There are a lot of people who have lost work and they’re going to come and just say politely that it certainly is unfair to discontinue them because some people feel uncomfortable working around people that didn’t choose to take an experimental drug. Which is interesting to me. Looking at the science, if you feel “uncomfortable” and (for instance) don’t like to fly, that doesn’t mean it’s not safe to fly overall. So if you’re going to bring people back to work, you have to make it based upon the real scientific data, not your feelings.

Because if I feel I don’t like to be around people who eat processed foods, does that mean they’re only going to put organic foods on the set because that’s what I state?

SAG-AFTRA and Duncan Crabtree should be held legally accountable for the damage they’ve caused to families, not to mention from the vaccination itself – injuries from the experimental drug. The vaccine-injured members that we have - and we have them! - and they’ve written letters, and SAG-AFTRA just keeps saying [something about] their retired virologist, without ever getting an opposing view by any other doctors…. I mean, god forbid you would let other doctors speak at SAG-AFTRA, or let people decide for themselves! We are intelligent enough so that we can hear all sides and we can make an educated decision based upon the facts.

HB: … We are asking all unions, just like I stood on the streets of New York and stood up for FDNY and NYPD, the teachers, we want everyone to come and stand up for us too. Remember, most of the actors that this is affecting are your middle class actors, people that you don’t know, they’re not stars, and they’re out of work. And it’s all types of employment: it’s stunts, it’s camera crew, it’s anybody who’s involved in film and TV work. So we’re asking that everybody show up, in front of the SAG-AFTRA offices at 11 AM. Bring signs, be peaceful, if you have a megaphone, bring it. We all have got to stand up together and fight this. It’s completely unlawful, unconstitutional, and immoral.

And is our union liable for the injuries and deaths associated with with the vaccine? And can they provide the science to show that it works? And, do masks work? They can’t show this, [and it’s not acceptable to simply ignore the problem].

PA: It’s so contentious, and it shouldn’t be this way. We should be promoting things that boost our immune system…. But nobody promotes that, they promote soda, hotdogs, hamburgers, garbage… And you’re putting garbage in, garbage out. If you’re treating your immune system like that…I believe being around those people puts EVERYONE at greater risk because their immune systems are lower functioning, and it’s easier for them to catch things. If your immune system is working well, you are much better protected.

But then again, there’s no equal protection under the law as the 14th amendment directs. There’s no citation in the Nuremberg code, like a corporation cannot tell you to take anything. They’ll tell you this vaccine is your choice…but then you can’t work. That’s a textbook definition of coercion. And that’s going to be heard in the Supreme Court. The OSHA case they struck down because OSHA didn’t have authority to tell people they couldn’t work. That particular legislative body had no authority to do so. So the next case will be in regard to corporations, and that appears to be a direct violation. I’m looking forward to that ruling. And then The Bill of Rights, and the discriminatory processes that have caused serious harm to people’s families, well-being, and their ability to operate in the world and protect their families… That needs to be addressed as well.

I have a new film that I directed on the global financial markets with my partner Jonathan Saw, called “The Paradigm of Money.” Which can be found at

HB: I urge people: You GOT to speak out! Put stuff up on your social media, I’ve been doing it for two years. We have to let people know that we exist, and that we are fighting against this, because everybody watching TV and films, do you realize how many people can’t work right now?

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