Chapter 27 - Letters

From Mom

Wednesday, June 25 (I think)
Dear Sara,
We all needed our ‘Sara Fix’ when you called tonight. April does miss you a lot.

Jacki took Matt and Loren and April out for ice cream today. We are bending the rules a bit lately; I feel pressured by the outside world, namely our community of health food fanatics who love junk food. I think that maybe our family’s taste buds are established anyway. Everyone likes seaweed and vegetables and tofu, so I hope the ice cream won’t influence things too much.

Daddy and I are reading a novel about a physicist. I can hardly wait to finish it so we can discuss it—we have our own family book club…

Daddy was happy to find that the web page your friend Reanna set up about your trip is operational today. I haven't seen it yet, but he says it is interesting.

…So anyway, that's the news. I am going to mail this tomorrow to make sure it gets where it is supposed to go. I miss you very much, but I am glad you are where you want to be.
Love, Ruth (alias Mom).

From Dad

July 6, 97
Dearest Sara,

I just checked your web-site, and after reading your letter from Walsenburg, CO I am finally writing…

My obsession these days has been gravity. I've been waking up at three a.m. and scribbling down potentials and integrals and stuff. Although I've been working on this theory for over ten years, in April I made a big breakthrough and now I'm possessed. …Your mother makes wisecracks when I get up at three a.m. with my mind spinning, but then she goes back to sleep.

July 10
It's a gorgeous day, and I decided to leave the Crab Nebula behind for a while and sit outside and write. I've been following the Tour de France on-line this year. It is the perfect event for computer analysis. They have photos of the tour, etc. Lots of injuries this year, though. Everyone is falling down.

I keep checking your web-site, waiting for new info. The most impressive thing to me is the map. Just to see where you are and how far you've come is simply amazing. I am so proud of you.

…Well, Mom has convinced me that I should get this to you sooner rather than later, so I'll close now and wish you luck on the last leg of your adventure.
I love you dearly, Dad