After Dinner Mints

These are still a work in progress, while I try to understand the physics of chocolate and how to make it come out Perfect...but we're enjoying all the experiments (and I'll keep updating this recipe once I figure out the Perfect Version). They're truly yummy and decadent, after nearly three years of cooking without any sugar at all.

I think it's important not to heat honey over 100f, so use a thermometer or otherwise prevent your ingredients from getting too hot. (I have successfully (texture-wise) used stevia liquid instead of honey (about 10-15 drops to replace 1 T. honey), but there is that stevia proceed with caution!)

I give a range for ingredient quantities, because you'll just have to see whether you like your mints harder or softer, sweeter or more minty and intense...and adjust accordingly. Oooh, candy making is super fun...


2-4 oz. unsweetened chocolate (or equivalent, to taste, of cocoa butter and cocoa powder)
1-2 tbsp. coconut oil

2-3 tbsp. coconut oil
3/4 cup (or so) finely-ground coconut cream concentrate (coconut butter)
16 drops mint essential oil
2-4 tbsp. raw honey

Gently melt together the chocolate and 1-2 tbsp. coconut oil in a double boiler. In order to temper the chocolate (avoid discoloration and textural annoyances in the finished product) you have to follow these steps: melt, stirring often, until the chocolate is 113f. Cool the chocolate, stirring often, until it is 81f. Reheat just until the chocolate is 88f, and then it's immediately ready to pour into molds.

Meanwhile (while the chocolate is cooling), in another double boiler, melt together the 2-3 tbsp. coconut oil, coconut cream concentrate (coconut butter), and mint essential oil. Stir as you heat it, till everything is smooth and thick (just a few minutes; use the thermometer to make sure the temperature is well under 100f), and then add the honey.

Divide half the chocolate mixture between the cubes in a heart-shaped silicone ice-cube mold (or use paper muffin cups), pouring a bit into the bottom of each section.

Pinch off bits of the coconut/mint mixture and divide between the sections, filling them nearly to the top (this works better if the mixture has cooled enough to be thick, and you can put a little ball of it into the trays).

Divide the remaining half of the chocolate mixture by pouring over the top of each cube, and chill thoroughly in the fridge before popping the Mints out to enjoy. :) This makes a bunch of hearts, or maybe a dozen "mint patties" if you're using the muffin cup molding technique.