Covid Covid Bo Bovid, Banana Fana Fo Fovid, Fee Fie...

Dear family,

“People say, We just need better algorithms. But you can’t say, ‘We want to have a better form of constant incremental Manipulation of every person.’ The whole concept from the start is poison.” —Jaron Lanier

There are so many things that perplex me right now. We just spent the past two weeks having Covid, and now I am more confused than ever.

It would be lovely if vaccines could offer humanity an easy, straightforward way out of this mess, but they simply cannot - not these vaccines, and not in this culture, and not at this time. And the mandates, in addition to confusing me, make me very, very angry. I hold these truths to be as evident, if not more so, than the fearful scapegoating campaign currently in progress against those who are not vaxxing:

  1. It is never okay for a person or a government agency to make medical decisions for anyone against that individual’s wishes.

  2. These vaccines were not developed to prevent transmission of the virus, and they additionally don’t protect certain at-risk populations well, plus the virus is constantly evolving. If the vaccine is your choice, and it works for you, great. If it is not the right choice for you, then, well, welcome to the Brave New World: haven’t you heard, not-right-for-you is the new right-for-you! Oops, sorry, I digress… Actually, if the vaccine is not the right choice for you, watch in confusion as the wrath of many is suddenly fixated upon you, and many stressed-out people are encouraged to accuse you of “crimes” against humanity…despite the fact that only two years ago, such “crimes” were generally known merely as “existing in a world full of contagious diseases.”

  3. There are a LOT of things that are VERY important to prioritize when it comes to human health. These factors vary from person to person, and your priorities are not necessarily the same as mine.

It is criminal to me that nearly every bit of public health funding has been siphoned off in a great giant river of money for vaccine research - and every. Freaking. Other. Health problem. Has been sidelined. Seemingly indefinitely.

Prior to lockdowns, about 40% of school-age kids were overweight or obese. The pandemic response has made these statistics even worse. Among 5- to 11-year-olds: * Overweight and obesity has increased from 36% to 46% * Severe obesity has increased from 19% to 26%

And don’t get me started on mental health fallout from “social distancing” et al.

Meanwhile, people are dying from cancer and heart disease and diabetes and all the rest, in numbers that continue to be staggering.

We just found out that our (catastrophic; i.e. worthless for actual health issues - just a money-insurance-plan) healthshare dues are set to more than double in cost this next year. We can’t absorb an additional $5000+ dollars per year, and every version of available health insurance costs us more. Plus, of course - but isn’t it absurd?? - health insurance never pays for actual Health care, only Sick Care, and only if you pay and pay and pay some more, in the form of co-pays and extras, and as long as you consent to treatment options that you don’t prefer but are “in network” options, etc. etc. and forever. I have heard some pundits predict that healthcare will actually bankrupt our economy in the next couple of decades, and after looking at the gross wealth accumulation by Big Pharma and Big Insurance over just the last few months, I think I agree.

The “mess” that is our society is bewildering to me. I know that it’s not just Covid, but what the hell is going on? Will we get any warning before large-scale social collapse, or is this it? Or can humanity limp along in this socially distant, disjointed way for another couple hundred years, or a couple thousand? Is there going to be toilet paper at the store next week? Are there food shortages, or aren’t there, or is it just lunchables that are running short because A. Packaging is in short supply, B. There is actually a god who truly understands irony? Can our insane economic system continue if enough of us keep playing the game, or is the house of cards that now holds up our former “gold standard” going to topple in my lifetime? Also: what is a good nap schedule for a thirteen-month old??

How do I even continue with the task of trying to help my children find a place in this world, when I increasingly can’t see what my own place is?

So meanwhile, Covid. Covid covid covid Covid covid, and after spending two weeks with it, I’m flippin TIRED of covid! But some researchers estimate that about half the country has had it already, without the dire consequences that originally accompanied the pandemic warnings. Yes, many people have died, and research points toward the fact that very elderly persons but ESPECIALLY persons with many comorbidities are far and the away those who have died. And yes, these deaths are tragedies. So now: let’s get people healthy again, for crying out loud!! Especially those most at risk of dying from Covid!

Why focus on forcing young children to get a vaccine that does not prevent transmission? Why force people to take an experimental vaccine when they don’t want it? Why force people whose cost benefit analysis is different from yours?? Do we really want to live in a society where we try to force each other to pick one of two world views?

I am tired. And confused. And wishful. How are you?

Much love, Sarabeth